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120 Baby Gym Leggings – Pink
120 Baby Gym Leggings – Pink
  • 120 Baby Gym Leggings – Pink
  • 120 Baby Gym Leggings – Pink
  • 120 Baby Gym Leggings – Pink
  • 120 Baby Gym Leggings – Pink
  • 120 Baby Gym Leggings – Pink

120 Baby Gym Leggings – Pink

Our Baby Gym product designers created these leggings to support your child's psychomotor development.
4 - 5 years
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        These very soft leggings are ultra-comfortable.


        Stretch to free up your child's movements.


        Thicker fabric that keeps children warm.


        The back rise keeps your child's back covered.


        Baby Gym

        Do you know what Baby Gym is? This fun sport, designed for children ages one to six, is an obstacle course with a range of different types of equipment: tunnels, beams, soft mats, trampoline, etc. They can crawl, jump, learn to balance, and improve their motor skills. This entertaining sport is done in a club or at home, inside and outside.

        The benefits of Baby Gym

        Does your child do Baby Gym? Did you know that this fun sport helps children develop their motor skills? Through a range of activities and by discovering new sensations, your little gymnast will learn to balance, develop their motor skills and coordination, and learn all the things they're capable of doing! It is an excellent way to help them gain self-confidence.

        What to wear for Baby Gym

        To be comfortable, your child can count on Domyos products: T-shirt, bottoms and a jacket they can take off when the temperature starts to rise! The aim is for them to be comfortable without having to pull their bottoms up or their T-shirt down all the time. Depending on their level, their clothing may have different technical features. With a pair of runners, they'll be all set!

        A score to compare the environmental impact of products

        The environmental impact of the product is calculated for its entire life cycle using various indicators. An overall rating (ABCDE) is given, allowing you to easily identify products with the best environmental performance by comparing similar products to each other (T-shirts, bottoms, backpacks, etc.).

        Decathlon openly displays the environmental ratings of its products.
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