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580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
580 Baby Light Bootees



580 Baby Light Bootees

  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
  • 580 Baby Light Bootees
580 Baby Light Bootees
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These shoes support the development of your child's psychomotor skills.


Helps to develop motor skills

Better traction helps improve balance and movement.


Breathable material for added comfort.


Ultra-flexible sole follows all the foot's movements.

Easy to put on / take off

Left/right foot markers, rip-tab fastener, and wide opening.


Non-slip sole and reinforced toe and heel for excellent traction.


The Domyos Baby Light bootee has been approved by a physiotherapist:

Observations of children aged 10 months to 4 years participating in Gym 101 classes with and without shoes showed that wearing Domyos Baby Light bootees provided advantages in the proper development of their motor skills and over being barefoot. Better traction helps improve balance and coordination as well as better foot protection.

The benefits of physical activity at a young age:

Regular physical activity from a very young age is beneficial for your child's physical and mental development. Learning healthy habits early on can help limit health problems later in life. Doing a group physical activity also supports your child's social integration and personal development.

Physical and mental benefits:

What are the physical benefits?
- Foster development of basic physical abilities (psychomotor development)
- Support healthy growth
- Fight obesity

What are the mental benefits?
- Help build self-confidence
- Facilitate social integration
- Support personal development

Tips for use:

Domyos bootees are designed to be worn indoors on fairly soft floors. Slip them on without socks for optimal contact with the ground. The nerves on the bottom of the feet "feel" the floor, helping children find their balance.

About children's feet:

For babies, walking barefoot, so they can learn to recognise tactile sensations, is best. The nerves in the sole help babies determine where to place their weight, helping them stay balanced. Domyos bootees are wide and flexible, allowing your baby's feet to grow and become stronger unrestricted while also protecting them from the cold or dangerous surfaces. All our baby shoes are specifically designed for babies' feet.

The sport:

What is Gym 101?
For little ones from ages 10 months to 6 years, this sport consists of fun gym activities on obstacle courses with equipment specially designed for children.
About Gym 101
Gym 101 helps children discover and develop their motor skills through different exercises and movements.
It is an introduction to all sports.

The benefits of the sport:

Gym 101 promotes psychomotor development in young children, especially the development of motor skills, coordination and balance. Balancing on beams, jumping, rolling and climbing are activities that help your child to develop autonomy and confidence.

What to wear:

Your child needs to be comfortable in their clothing, able to take off a layer if needed, and not have to pull up their bottoms every five minutes! Choose an outfit that is appropriate for the season or the temperature of the room: Soft-knit T-shirt, shorts, or bottoms and a warm-up jacket or tracksuit. Finally, to avoid slipping, a pair of Domyos Gym 101 bootees!

The importance of wearing the right shoe size:

Children grow as fast as weeds! And their feet grow just as fast: making sure they're wearing the right size shoes is very important. The wrong size, even if by just a few millimetres, can hinder their movement or hurt their ankles and toes. Too big shoes can affect their gait and cause blisters. Between ages 1 and 2, children's feet grow about one shoe size every three to four months. Remember to regularly check their shoe size.