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500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers
  • 500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers
  • 500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers
  • 500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers
500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers



500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers

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  • 500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers
  • 500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers
  • 500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers
500 Gym 101 leggings – Toddlers
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These lightweight leggings are soft on skin. The stretchy fabric moves with your child so they feel free as a bird.


Helps to develop motor skills

Fun front/back labels help kids become more autonomous


Polycotton fabric evacuates heat and perspiration.


Maximum stretch for complete freedom of movement!


The high fork keeps the back and tummy covered.


The elastic waistband keeps little backs covered!


Product testing

We select safe fabrics and inks, as well as accessories (buttons, drawstrings, rhinestones, etc.) that cannot be swallowed. Our fabrics aren't toxic, so it's not a problem if your child puts them in their mouth. We consider your child's safety in the design of every aspect of our products. These little details make all the difference!

Child development

We partnered with a physiotherapist to understand how to design our clothing to give kids more autonomy. "The challenge is to prevent kids from getting discouraged. They need small victories to encourage them to keep going and repeat actions until they become automatic" explains Agathe, our partner physiotherapist.

Helping kids learn to dress themselves

How do we help them out? With easy-to-close zippers and a wide neck so they don't get stuck, visual markers so they can get their clothing on the right way around, and more! With a little help, tots will gradually learn to dress themselves like the big kids.

Recognizing front and back

It's not easy to know your front from your back when you're learning to get dressed! We put a handy label on these leggings to help your tot get them the right way around and so they can write their name on them. There's a little cartoon on the back side, so kids know which way to wear it.This saves time when getting dressed and helps kids become more autonomous.

Gym 101

Part sport, part game, and part chance for your little one to explore the world!
Gym 101 is the starting block for budding champions. It's a fun way to support your child's psychomotor development!
It's like an obstacle course for kids 1 to 6 years old.

The benefits of Gym 101

Is your child learning to do gym?Did you know that this fun sport helps children develop their motor skills? Your little gymnast will learn to balance, develop their motor skills and coordination, and learn what they're capable of through a range of activities that let them discover new sensations! It is an excellent way to help them learn self-confidence.

What to wear for Gym 101

Your child can count on Domyos products for comfort: T-shirts, pants, leggings, and even a jacket! They won't have to pull their pants up or their shirt down all the time to stay comfortable. The technical features vary depending on your child's level.


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1 of 1 people recommends this product
Good sport pants for kids
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Good sports pants for kids. Stretchable and breathable.
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