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100 Mid Gym Socks Twin-Pack - White
100 Mid Gym Socks Twin-Pack - White
  • 100 Mid Gym Socks Twin-Pack - White
  • 100 Mid Gym Socks Twin-Pack - White
  • 100 Mid Gym Socks Twin-Pack - White

100 Mid Gym Socks Twin-Pack - White

These kids socks are designed for comfort.
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        Cotton-rich fabric for guaranteed softness.


        The elastic at the ankle prevents slipping inside the shoes.


        The benefits of physical activity at a young age:

        Doing regular physical activity from a very young age is beneficial to your child's physical and mental development. Learning healthy habits early on can help limit health problems later in life. Group physical activities also support your child's social integration and personal development.

        Physical and mental benefits:

        What are the physical benefits of exercising?
        - Supporting psychomotor development
        - Supporting healthy growth
        - Fighting obesity

        What are the mental benefits?
        - Building self-confidence
        - Facilitating social integration
        - Supporting personal development

        The sport:

        What is Gym 101?
        Gym 101 consists of fun gym activities on obstacle courses with equipment designed for children. Usually, there are gym teachers leading the activities. These courses include different apparatuses built to be safe for very young children (beams, steps, sloped ramps, parallel bars, tunnels, rollers and more) so they can climb, slide, jump, balance, etc. Toddlers can start practising Gym 101 at 10 months.

        The benefits of the sport:

        The benefits of Gym 101
        Gym 101 promotes psychomotor development in young children, especially the development of motor skills, coordination, and balance. Balancing on beams, jumping, rolling, and climbing are activities that help your child develop autonomy and confidence.

        What to wear:

        What should your child wear for Gym 101?
        A comfortable outfit that's appropriate for the season: A soft-knit T-shirt, shorts or pants, and a jacket or tracksuit for warming up. And lastly, a pair of bootees to avoid slipping.

        Domyos shoes are perfect for wearing to class and changing into baby exercise bootees in no time!