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BR900S Ultra-Lite Adult Badminton Racquet - Blue

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        This racquet's balance and weight offer excellent handling.


        The racquet head size and rigidity provide greater accuracy.


        The Artengo Slim Shaft concept improves speed and power.



        Racquet weight: 76 g Racquet weight is an extremely important factor for every badminton player. Remember to consider: - How often you play, how injury-prone you are, your body size and your playing style. The heavier the racquet, the more power you'll get. However, you'll lose speed, which can be a drawback for defensive players, quick volleys and counter attacks.


        Racquet balance: Head light A badminton racquet's balance will have a major impact on your game. There are three types of racquet balance: - Head heavy, for power - Even, for versatility - Head light, for control


        Racquet flex: Stiff Racquets come in different flex options: - Flexible: These racquets are good for players looking for handling and long shuttlecock trajectories. - Medium: These racquets are good for players looking for a balance of power and handling. - Stiff: These racquets are good for advanced/expert players looking for power and precision. - Extra stiff: These racquets are good for expert players with impeccable technique looking for power.

        High Modulus Carbon

        The Japanese carbon fibre used for the 900 racquet range is the most rigid currently available on the market. It provides incredible stability and great bounce on impact.

        Lightweight Frame

        As its name suggests, the Ultra-Lite range's low weight improves racquet handling. This racquet is extremely enjoyable to play with.

        Slim Shaft

        The innovative "Artengo Slim Shaft" results in a more aerodynamic shaft for improved speed and power.