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Men's Mountain Biking Bib Tights ST 500 - Black
  • Men's Mountain Biking Bib Tights ST 500 - Black
  • Men's Mountain Biking Bib Tights ST 500 - Black
Men's Mountain Biking Bib Tights ST 500 - Black



Men's Mountain Biking Bib Tights ST 500 - Black

  • Men's Mountain Biking Bib Tights ST 500 - Black
  • Men's Mountain Biking Bib Tights ST 500 - Black
Men's Mountain Biking Bib Tights ST 500 - Black
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Our team of passionate mountain bikers has designed these bibbed tights for warmth and comfort for up to 3 hours during your winter mountain bike tours.



Your sides and back stay warm thanks to the fit of the bib straps.

Sitting comfort

Up to 3 hours of comfort thanks to the exclusive pad that prevents rubbing.

Wild vegetation resistance

Take on those branches thanks to the tear- and abrasion-resistant fabric.


Cycle, sweat, and breathe: mesh on the upper back for improved ventilation.


Your tights will stay in place and not crease or fold thanks to the light straps


The 4 layers you need to stay warm when mountain biking.

How to stay warm and dry during winter MTB trips We're going to explain the 4-layer technique for the upper body:
Start with a base later.
For the second layer, place the straps of the bib over the top.
Your anorak will be the third layer, and in the event of poor weather, a waterproof or windproof jacket will provide the fourth layer.
Are you ready? Then get ready for your winter mountain bike trips, and cycle in comfort.

A clever design: cut, seams, materials, etc.

To provide maximum comfort, our design incorporates several key features:
The cut, with the light straps and zippers at the ankles, is easy to put on and stays put on your mountain biking tours.
The seams on the pad guarantee maximum comfort and minimum annoyance during mountain biking tours of up to 3 hours.
The various fabrics wick perspiration away and protect you from the cold and vegetation.

The pad, a manufacturing secret made at Rockrider

So you can make the most of your mountain bike tours, our clothing designers and prototypists developed an exclusive technique to mould and insert the pad into the tights. The result? Minimal movement and rubbing as you cycle.
To find out more about our manufacturing secret, watch our video!

Why wear bibbed tights?

Given the position you ride in when mountain biking, it's important to protect your back and sides from the cold and moisture. The tights stretch up your entire back to protect the areas most sensitive to cold. The straps ensure the tights stay in place even when you're giving it your all.
The result: your tights stay in place and keep you warm. If that doesn't make you want to get out your MTB even in winter, then... ;)

Your feedback helps our products evolve:

We take your feedback into account to constantly improve the comfort and performance of our products. That is how our products evolve, by basing our designs on your sports experiences!
We've also taken on board your opinions by offering lighter straps, designed to be worn over several layers of clothing, and a cut that avoids fabric folding over on the torso for greater comfort.

Did you know?

Tights are to MTB what kilts are to Scotland: no need for a base layer! So we do recommend that you wash them after each use.
And to make the most of your mountain bike trips, particularly on weekends, it dries overnight!

Advice from the design team:

One last tip before you hit the road (or should that be the trail)? "The most important thing is to be well equipped... or to be well supported!"
To avoid any unpleasant surprises and to ensure your mountain bike trip doesn't turn into a long hike on foot, remember to prepare for any snags or technical issues. With a relaxed mind, you'll be able to enjoy yourself even more!