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900 RoadR 5 mm Overshoes - Black
  • 900 RoadR 5 mm Overshoes - Black
900 RoadR 5 mm Overshoes - Black



900 RoadR 5 mm Overshoes - Black

9 reviews
5 of 9 people recommends this product
  • 900 RoadR 5 mm Overshoes - Black
900 RoadR 5 mm Overshoes - Black
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road cycling in very cold weather (around 0°C)



5 mm neoprene

Water repellent

Neoprene with "glide skin" surface and taped seams


reinforced sole fabric (Cordura effect)

Easy to put on / take off

more difficult to put on (like a big sock) as there is no zipper



3.6/5 9 reviews
5 of 9 people recommends this product
Could not put on
Richard (Canada) Used for 2 week or less
I purchased these yesterday after reading all the reviews. With a ton of effort I put one over my shoes then tried to put my shoe on. Not a chance. Took them back today and the Decathlon bike pro checked the size and tried it too and he admitted that these were the correct size for my shoes but were way too tight. He was going to sell me the large ones but there were none in stock so I bought the zip up ones after trying them on in the store. I hope they are warm enough.
Great overshoe
Darrel (Canada) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
Works as they should. As one the the previous reviewers suggested, you need to put then on first and put on your shoes and finally slip them over the shoes. On they’re on they really make a huge difference on cold mornings as they block out the wind. They are reflective as well for added visibility.
Response of the brand

Hi Darrel,

Really happy you are appreciating your shoe covers. We hope you will enjoy them for a long time!

Have a great day!


Very warm and easy to slip on
Leonie (United Kingdom) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
Despite some of the reviews I went for this choice. Easy to put on and they are sitting tight around your ankles (may be a little too tight if you have bigger ankles. I wear winter cycling socks underneath because I have terrible circulation. Easy to take off too (unless you have icy fingers :) ), and east to wash off the dirt too.
Fabric covers also a large area of the sole of your shoe, which gives you that extra warmth.I recommend this. Good value!!
Awesome overshoes
Harold (United Kingdom) Used for 4 to 6 months
These overshoes are amazing, perfect for riding in winter, keeps your shoes dry and warms, also when wearing you need to do pull them up a lil bit harder.
Perfect if you don’t want to buy overshoes with zip.
Great quality, shocking to put on
Varun (United Kingdom) Used for 2 week or less
I've given these two stars because, when I did manage to get them on, they were beautifully insulated and superbly comfortable and I survived an hour-long test ride in single-figure weather without any trouble. However, they were so difficult to get on (despite having followed the instructions) that I lacerated my thumb and ended up with a sprained finger. Try these on in store if you have to - or simply buy the Shimano overshoes for the same money as they are 3mm thick and stretchier, do come with a zip and clasp and can actually be worn and taken off with human hands and feet on a daily basis. I would also suggest that while the description says they are suited for 'road shoes, ' it probably means ultra-slim carbon shoes such as the top-of-the-range Van Rysels or Specialized S-Works shoes, not cheaper ones such as the Shimano R065s I wear which have a chunkier, padded heel to get around.
Pete (United Kingdom) Used for 2 week or less
When I first got the product I snacked myself in the face because I hadn’t gone for a zip option.

Took them out on a dry 9 degree ride (around 25 miles) to get a feel for them and check I was happy riding them... I was

Then went for a much longer ride (85miles) with varying conditions this weekend. Perfect. The shoe was comfortable. Warm. Dry as the rain battered the latter part of my ride. And after a bit of learning how to get them on and off, made me appreciate that I’d bought a gray product with more longevity than those with a zip. Looking forward to wearing them in the winter months to come.
the best overshoes
scott (United Kingdom) Used for More than 1 year
i cant believe that people are struggling to get these on. i can only imagine they havent read the instructions. i even managed to get a pair that were a size small over my shoes easily.

please ignore that bad reviews, these are fantastic overshoes and unbeatable for 2 or 3x the price
Can not physically get it on
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Cycling shoe covers are the first purchase to disappoint me at decathalon. Everything else has been amazing but there is a physical impossibility to getting these on because there is no zip.
Take ages to put on
Debbie (United Kingdom) Used for 2 week or less
I chose this overshoe hoping to avoid the problem of a zip breaking. However, despite it being a good looking overshoe made with strong thick neoprene to keep the feet warm and dry, this also has the adverse effect of making them extremely difficult to put on. Even when following instructions to put them on over the ankle first, then put on the shoe and 'ease' them over the heel and toe, it took about half an hour of trying. And that was just for one shoe. Such a disappointment as I can see and feel that they will do the job they are intended for very well, but it's impractical to spend so long painfully struggling into them before heading out on a ride.
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