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Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42
  • Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42
  • Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42
  • Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42
Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42



Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42

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  • Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42
  • Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42
  • Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42
Trekking 1 Grip Tire 700 x 42
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Designed for occasional or regular all-terrain cycling on paths and rough terrain. This hybrid tire has a deep tread.



ETRTO 42-622


High knobs ensure maximum grip on any type of terrain.

Puncture resistance

22 TPI carcass for a sturdy tire and a comfortable ride.


Micro knobs along the central tread reduce rolling resistance.


945 g. Stiff bead.


How to measure tire wear?

Inspect the tread to measure wear and to know when they need replacing. Signs of wear include:
- tread starting to fray
- the appearance of micro cracks
- low tread depth
- the carcass becomes visible.
All of these indicate that the tire is worn and needs replacing.

How to remove a tire

To remove your tire, start by deflating the inner tube completely.

Once deflated, use a tire lever to remove it from the rim.

How to fit a tire

To put it back on, place one side of the tire into the bottom of the rim. Next, inflate your inner tube to approximately 30% before putting it into the tire (inflating it beforehand reduces the risk of pinching the inner tube). Place the other side of the tire into the rim, starting on the side opposite the valve.
Before inflating the inner tube all the way, check to make sure it isn’t pinched between the tire and the rim.

How to inflate your tire correctly

Inflate your tire carefully. The recommended pressure is indicated on the side of the tire and on its product sheet (available online).
Always make sure your tires are at the correct pressure before heading out on your ride.

Pro tip

When inflating your tire, make sure you inflate it to the suitable pressure for the terrain and the weather conditions you will be riding in. When riding in rainy weather, lower the tire pressure to increase its traction. When riding in dry weather, increase the pressure for better performance.


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1 of 1 people recommends this product
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Good town and trail fire . I put it on my 29" Mr bike
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