Effective as of 27 mars, 2018


These terms and conditions are exclusively between Decathlon Canada Inc. 3700, whose registered office is located at 1 Place Ville Marie in Montreal, Quebec H3B 3P4, hereinafter referred to as "decathlon.ca" or "the website" and any person making a purchase from decathlon.ca, hereinafter referred to as "the customer" and collectively referred to as "the parties".

The customer declares that he / she is of age or has parental authorization and has the legal capacity to make a contract allowing him / her to place an order on this website. The website ensures the delivery of customers living in Canada, within the limits set in Article 3.

The parties agree that their relations are governed exclusively by these general conditions of sale. These conditions may be subject to change. Therefore, it is understood that the applicable conditions are those in effect on the website at the time of placing the order on the website.

The following conditions of sale – such as the aspects related to the places and delays of delivery – are only applicable if the order placed online by a customer is validated by the website. We invite the customer to read the order validation procedure in article 2.


Our products are available as long as they’re displayed on our website, except during special sales, during which the limited period of time is specified in the website. We invite our customers to verify the availability of the articles displayed in our website.

In case a product is unavailable but has already been ordered, Decathlon.ca reserves the right to cancel the order and is obliged to inform the customer.

If an order contain multiple products and one of the products turns out to be unavailable, Decathlon.ca will then inform the customer of the impossibility of sending the item. The rest of the order will be processed and sent to the customer within the timeframe announced by the email information on its tracking order.

The customer is also allowed to cancel his order but has to inform our customer service department by phone or email.


How to place an order on Decathlon.ca?

To place an order on our website :
- The customer fills up his products cart,
- chooses his mode of delivery,
- his mode of paiement,
- finalize the transaction,
- Finally, the customer receives a confirmation email of his order.

The email confirmation of the order is a validation of decathlon.ca's acceptance of the customer's order and thus forms the sales contract between the Parties. As soon as the order is ready to be shipped, decathlon.ca will send an email to the customer. The customer having chosen a delivery in store, will receive an email of provision of order.

Our prices

Our prices are shown in canadian dollar in the website.

Taxes are applied at the rate in effect at the time of placing the order from the province of the place of delivery. The prices of the products displayed on decathlon.ca are exclusive off postage, price of some packaging or price of other optional services subscribed by the customer remain extra.

The informations summary will be shown to the customer on screen before the final validation of the order.

The customer is informed that the products and services proposed in Decathlon stores are not applicable online (on Decathlon.ca) and vice versa.

The customer can make his purchase with Visa or MasterCard.

Decathlon.ca garantees the security of the transaction by using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system and using a payment processing company.


Where do you deliver?

The products are shipped at the adress given by the customer, exclusively in Canada, except the following islands : Amund Ringnes, Mackenzie King, Stefansson, Mansel, Akimiski, Borden, Axel Heiberg and Melville.

Do you make group delivery?

For group adress delivery, the customer recognizes that the product is set to be delivered at the adress indicated in the order. Once delivered at the indicated adress, Decathlon.ca is therefore no longer responsible of the order.

In the case of a delivery on some areas difficult to reach, the delivery will take place on the nearest center. The transportation of products from this center to the final delivery location may be made by a carrier separate from the marine carrier mandated by decathlon.ca. This delivery may result in additional billing by this carrier, which will be charged to the customer.

What are the delivery delays?

The delays annonced on the website are calculated starting the day the products are ready to be shipped. The client is informed of the day of the shipping by email.

What can I do if i'm absent the day of the shipping?

For delivery by mail, the customer absent during the delivery has a delay to go to recover his parcel at the indicated place. Beyond this time, the package will be returned to decathlon.ca. We will send a first reminder to the customer, by email. In the absence of response from the customer within 7 days, decathlon.ca will refund the amount of the order, after deduction of shipping costs.

For the delivery of heavy products, the transportation service within decathlon.ca or the transport provider will contact the customer directly to arrange a delivery schedule. In case of absence of the customer at the place of delivery, at the agreed time, the customer must notify decathlon.ca at least five (5) working days before the agreed delivery date. Otherwise, extra costs will be charged by the website to the customer.


Decathlon.ca keeps full property of the articles ordered until the customer makes the full paiement and fulfills his obligations if there is.


5-1 General informations

-Legal warranties:

Regardless of any additional conventional warranty that may be granted to the customer, decathlon.ca remains subject to the legal warranties relating to the products sold (“Sale of Goods Acts” et “Consumer Protection Acts”).

-Commercial warranty

Certain products sold on the website may benefit from a conventional warranty whose duration, scope and conditions will be mentioned on the product page of the articles concerned.

Our warranty policy is not applicable in the event of defect, damage resulting from negligence, external events, improper installation, or use not in accordance with the supplier's instructions. Decathlon.ca would also bring to the customer’s attention that the defect or dysfunction could also be a consequence of bad manipulation or bad installation. Therefore, Decathlon.ca invite the customer to follow the instructions of the troubleshooting guides available on the website and to perform several tests on the material received.

5-2 Terms of application of the warranties

If the customer finds a product defective during the period of legal or commercial warranty, or not compliant with the order, it’s possible to ask for the after sale services on Decathlon.ca.

To make a refund on decathlon.ca, the customer has to go on his « My account » => « My purchases » => « My online purchases » and specify the occured difficulty or malfunction. These steps will allow the customer to get a refund number.

As part of the warranty, decathlon.ca offers the customer either to bring his product to a Decathlon store located in Canada, or to return his product via the website. The assumption of the expenses of port will be carried out under the conditions envisaged by the law, whatever the chosen option. It is already stated here that all shipping costs of the product, related to a return under a commercial warranty, will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

Once the request processed, Decathlon.ca will verifify if the return falls under either the legal or commercial warranty. The product will be then repared or exchanged. If the product cannot be repared or exchanged by an equivalent or identical product, it will be reimbursed.In all cases, Decathlon.ca will always propose the more adequate solution (replacement of the defective part, replacement of the item or refund)

In case of abnormal or abusive return, the return will be considered as non-conforming return and treated as such. Likewise, all returned products without a return number will be systematically treated as non-compliant returns. It is reminded that the customer is free to choose the method of sending his product and to subscribe or not to an insurance in case of loss, theft or destruction of his parcel. Decathlon.ca does not support any of these costs and cannot be held responsible for non-receipt of the package from the Internet. Finally, the customer is responsible for the packaging of his product, which must be made in such a way that the product can travel without risk of breakage or degradation.


For any question related to a purchase made on the website, you can reach the customer service :
-By email : Click on «contact us» and send us a email! 
-By mail : Decathlon Brossard, 2151, Lapiniere Blvd, Brossard, QC J4W 2T5
- If you already have a Decathlon ID on www.decathlon.ca, go directly to « My account» and send us a email. 


The terms and conditions of sale consist of the entirety of the clauses that compose them. The fact that we don’t avail ourselves at one of the them at a certain moment, may not constitute a waiver of the entirety of the clauses. In case of invalidity of one of them, the other clauses remain valid.


These general conditions of sale are subject to the Canadian law. Any dispute that cannot be resolved amicably will be brought to the competent court of the place of residence of the defendant or, at the choice of the plaintiff, the actual place of delivery of the product.