Discover the ultimate source of boundless joy and excitement—our trampolines! Designed to cater to your inner thrill-seeker, our range of high-quality trampolines ensures countless hours of fun for the entire family. From soaring through the air with breathtaking leaps to bouncing away stress, these trampolines will elevate your playtime to new heights!

Trampolines with nets for a safety-first experience

At Decathlon, your safety is our top priority. Rest assured, our trampolines with nets are there to secure your activity while you indulge in the thrill of bouncing. With reinforced frames, sturdy trampoline nets, and safety cushions, you can jump with confidence, knowing you and your family are in safe hands while you burn calories.

Unleash your inner acrobat

Release your inner acrobat and unleash a world of possibilities! Our trampolines are the perfect platform to explore new moves and show off your skills. From practising impressive flips to perfecting your aerial manoeuvres, our trampolines will turn your backyard into a traini

ng ground for aspiring athletes and gymnasts alike.


Work up a sweat while you fly high

Trampoline jumping is not all about the thrill—it also offers an array of health benefits! Bouncing is a fantastic, low-impact exercise that improves cardiovascular health, enhances coordination, and strengthens muscles. So, while you have a blast, you're also taking a step to

wards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Discover a variety of recreational sports equipment!


Indoor trampolines for year-round fun

Don't let the weather deter your fun! Our indoor and outdoor trampolines are built to ensure year-round entertainment for you and your loved ones. Whether an outdoor jumping content on a sunny summer day or an intense interior training session on a snowy day, you can count on

our trampolines to be your go-to source of happiness.


Create lasting memories

Beyond the mere bouncing experience, our trampolines foster bonding moments and create lasting memories. From kids' giggles to family challenges, the shared laughter and playtime will strengthen relationships and add warmth to your days. So, 

drop by the Decathlon store nearest you, and try multiple trampoline options. We guarantee you’ll be hooked in an instant!