Swimming Gear & Accessories

Our swimming gear for men, women, and kids

Ready to dive in? Decathlon offers a wide range of swimming equipment to cater to swimmers of all levels. Whether you're a competitive swimmer, enjoy recreational swimming, or teaching your little ones to swim, our swimming accessories are designed to provide comfort, performance, and durability in the water!

Swimsuits for all ages

Designed for big and small swimmers, our swimsuits and swimwear are made for all preferences and swimming styles. Whether you're looking for a classic one-piece, a bikini, or swim shorts, you'll find a wide selection of swimwear styles and sizes for men, women, and kids to swi

m with comfort and freedom.


Accessories for all swimmers

To enhance your performance in the water, we offer a variety of specialized swimming equipment and swimming accessories for women and men! From goggles with different lenses and swim caps to kick boards and earplugs, find all the necessary swim gear you need online or in store

s! Chock out our compact swimming towels to warm up after getting out of the water. They are super convenient to carry!


Learn to swim with confidence

To get into the water with confidence and safety, we offer various swimming equipment for children and babies. Discover our swimming belts for floating in the water and learning to swim gently. Also, enjoy swimming accessories designed for hours of fun at the beach or in the p



Decathlon: Your sports equipment experts

As a designer, manufacturer, and exclusive distributor of the Decathlon sports brand, we offer quality swimming equipment to boost your performance in the water. Whether it's for running, swimming, cycling, or any other discipline, enjoy a wide range of products that combine i

nnovation, technology, durability, and comfort, at an affordable price.