Surfing Rash Guards, Surf T-Shirts & Leggings

Are you in search of surf rash guards for men and women that provide the ultimate protection against both chafing and harmful UV rays? Explore our wide range of surf clothing, including surf leggings and surf shirts, designed to safeguard your body during your wave-riding sessions. Our range is made for all sizes, preferences, and requirements, thoughtfully designed by surfers, for surfers.

Your Surf Shirts and UV-Protective Clothing

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, the quality of your gear makes all the difference on the water. To accompany all your sea, ocean, or lake outings, we offer a wide range of surf shirts as comfortable as they are efficient in the water. And for your expeditions in colder waters, we have the perfect wetsuits for every cold water outing.

UV-Protective Surf Gear for Optimal Comfort and Performance on the Water

All our surf rash guards have advanced UV protection. Our various surf leggings and surf shirts protect you from the harmful rays of the sun while ensuring your comfort on the water. Enjoy surf gear that's made to guard you from the sun's rays, while accompanying your performa



Move with Ease in the Water

Our surf clothing is designed by our surf experts and thought out for memorable sliding sessions. With a light and breathable fabric, you can move freely in the water, while protecting your skin from the sun or chafing.

 Remember to check out our surfboards adapted to your level of practice.


Diverse Surf Rash Guards and Post-Surf Essentials Tailored to Your Needs and Preferences

Our surf rash guards for men and women are designed for different needs and conditions. Use our filter criteria to find the model adapted to your criteria: size, duration of effectiveness, or shape, you will find surf clothing for all preferences! And to dry off after the fun,

 discover our surf ponchos and towel categories.


Aquatic Fun at Decathlon

With specialized equipment for more than 60 different sports and activities, Decathlon is also there for all your other outings on the lake, out at sea or the ocean! Enjoy affordable, quality gear, designed by experts in the field, to optimize your performance and have fun wit

h your family and friends.