Kayak Dry Bags & Waterproof Bags

Are you looking for waterproof kayak bags for all your extended hikes? Enjoy a complete range of pouches, containers, and waterproof bags to carry the necessary gear with peace of mind. Decathlon offers a variety of reliable, durable, and high-performance equipment to make every moment on the water a memorable adventure.

Our Selection of Kayak Dry Bags

Bags Do you have an inflatable kayak and want to complete your gear to be ready to hit the water at any time? Decathlon offers a complete range of equipment specially designed for kayak enthusiasts. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, enjoy our selection of kayak dry bags and water-resistant containers for all your outings.

How to Choose a Suitable Bag?

We offer different ranges of kayak dry bags to meet your preferences and needs. First, choose the necessary capacity. We offer sizes from 5 to 10 litres to bring your essentials on a hike. And for your larger expeditions, enjoy our backpacks of 30, 40, and even 60 litres! See

also our complete selection of kayaks


Our Kayak Dry Bags are made from Durable, Hard-Wearing Materials.

Our kayak dry bags are designed to resist abrasion and keep your gear dry throughout the crossing. For additional protection for your cameras and other fragile personal effects, place them in another small waterproof bag! And to complete your gear, discover all our kayak acces



Find All Your Kayaking Essentials at Decathlon

To enjoy your favourite water sport all summer, we offer a variety of complementary equipment for kayaking. To prepare your boats in a few minutes, discover our manual and electric kayak pumps. And to go out in any condition, enjoy our waterproof suits for kayaking.

Decathlon: Companion for All Your Expeditions

Kayak lovers, enjoy complete equipment for all your sea or lake and river adventures! With a spirit of innovation, eco-design, and performance, our experts exclusively design, manufacture, and distribute all your outdoor necessities. Enjoy specialized and accessible equipment,

without compromising on quality!