Soccer Balls

Are you looking for soccer balls that are both durable and suited to your needs? Decathlon offers a wide range of soccer balls for both kids and adults alike! Check out our different models designed to last, regardless of the weather conditions. Our soccer balls are designed for hours of running, playing, and surpassing yourself!

Wide Selection of Soccer Balls

Whether you're playing with friends in the garden or on the street, or training and playing in competitions throughout the year, Decathlon offers a variety of soccer balls for adults and kids. With a wide variety of sizes, weights, and functions, discover our extensive range of soccer equipment to enjoy your favourite team sport.

Balls for Every Type of Practice

For every age, size, and level, there is a tailor-made soccer ball. That's why we offer a varied choice of models! To find the right size, refer to our criteria and benefits at the bottom of the page. And to complete your equipment, also

 discover our soccer shoes and soccer cleats for adults and kids.


Comfortable and Durable Materials

When we design our soccer balls, we ensure that they meet strict quality criteria. For each of our models, we check the resistance of the seams, the circumference, the water resistance, and the maintenance of its pressure during the game. All our evaluations are based on the o

fficial FIFA standards.


Soccer Player Equipment

Take advantage of our soccer bags, clothing, and all the associated equipment for your balls! Nets, targets, hand pumps, inflation needles, and juggling nets, our experts have designed equipment suited to all needs

for you. And to plan your matches according to the rules, discover our soccer goals!


Decathlon: Team Sports for Everyone

For all your ball, racket, indoor, or outdoor sports, Decathlon is part of the game! With specialized equipment for more than 60 disciplines, we are proud to supply Canadian athletes with top-choice gear. Enjoy quality accessories, clothing, and equipment to move with comfort

and ease on any occasion!