Camping Mattresses, Sleeping Pads & Mats

Our camping mattresses, sleeping cots and inflating mattresses are ideal for adventurers looking to add a little luxury to their camping gear. There's nothing better than relaxing in your tent under the stars in the great outdoors. Still, having the proper sleeping comfort is essential to make the most of your camping experience.

Our inflatable and self-inflating camping air mattresses for optimum comfort

Made from durable, weather-resistant materials, our self-inflating camping air mattresses or floor mats offer excellent thermal insulation to keep you warm and dry at night. You can easily customize your firmness level for optimal sleep with both manual and automatic inflation options. So grab your comfy camping pillow, and you'll be dozing off within minutes!

High-quality foam camping mattresses

Our camping mat range is designed to provide exceptional comfort on any hard, uneven surface. Made using high-quality foam, they are lightweight and easily transported whilst providing optimum support for your body. Our foam camping mattresses are available in several sizes an

d thicknesses for all sleeping needs.


Discover compact camping sleeping mats

If you prefer minimalist camping gear, our ultra-light camping sleeping mat is perfect for you. Made from premium materials, it's easy to store in your backpack and provides a comfortable surface for sleeping on any terrain. With its lightweight thinness, our camping sleeping

pads are ideal for campers who prefer to sleep close to the ground.


A folding camping cot for a comfortable night's sleep

A camping cot is a practical piece of equipment for campers looking to improve their sleeping experience in the great outdoors. It eliminates the need to sleep directly on the ground, protects you from cold and dampness, and offers optimal sleeping comfort as long as 

you have a good sleeping bag.


The best camping mattresses and camping equipment for all your adventures

So go ahead and give yourself the comfort you deserve with our range of quality camping mattresses, sleeping pads and camping cots. At Decathlon, we design top-of-the-line camping equipment to meet the needs of even the most adventurous camper.