Hiking Poles & Nordic Walking Poles

Walking and hiking poles are valuable tools for those who like to explore trails and mountains, whether easy or difficult. They help balance the whole body and relieve the strain on knees and ankles.

Nordic walking and hiking poles

Our Nordic walking and hiking poles design gives your hiking equipment a stylish twist. Whether walking on the trail or in the city, you'll look great while getting the extra support you need from our poles. You won't want to let go of them !

How to choose a good Nordic Walking pole ?

When choosing a walking stick for hiking, it is essential to consider size, weight, material and any additional features. Make sure the pole is adjustable to your height for optimum comfort. Also, look for products made of lightweight and durable materials for long-term use.

Telescopic and carbon walking poles

The best walking poles depend on your personal requirements and preferences. We offer lightweight, durable and adjustable poles with added features like interchangeable tips. Carbon poles are also popular because of their robustness and their lightweight properties. We 

carry a variety of walking equipment for all your outdoor needs.


What are the benefits of walking poles ?

Nordic walking poles provide extra support to maintain balance and stability during outdoor activities. They reduce pressure on knees and ankles, which can help prevent injury. Walking sticks can also help save energy and allow you to keep a steady pace on long hikes. 

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