Cycling Pants and Overpants

Cycling pants are an essential piece of clothing for anyone who owns a bike. Whether you are a professional cyclist or simply enjoy riding down the bike path on weekends, a good pair of comfortable, supportive pants can make all the difference. At Decathlon, you'll find a variety of high-quality cycling pants and overpants to meet all your cycling needs.

Conquer every terrain in style with our cycling pants

Our cycling pants and overpants offer superior performance and boast a sleek design that will complement any cycling outfit. If you prefer the freedom of cycling shorts, our adjusted overpants are the perfect solution. Allowing you to enjoy an additional layer of warmth and protection during colder rides.

Experience maximum comfort with our stretchy cycling tights

Find lightweight, form-fitting cycling tights that provide maximum comfort. Made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, each pair will keep you dry and cool during even the most intense rides. The stretchy material also allows a full range of motion, so you can move fre

ely and easily for a better riding experience. 


Stay dry with waterproof cycling overpants

If you love cycling in all kinds of weather, our cycling rain overpants are a must-have. The lightweight design makes them easy to pack and carry in your bag. Made from waterproof and windproof materials, stay dry and comfortable even in the heaviest rainfall. 

Find a waterproof cycling jacket matching your preferred pant style, and you'll remain dry all day.


Ride with confidence thanks to bike pant clips

Our bike pan clip prevents your cycling pants from getting caught in your bike chain or gear. Simple in design yet essential to protect your cycling clothing from getting ripped or dirty, these lightweight accessories can be carried with you on any ride to keep your clothes cl

ean and ensure your safety as you pedal.


Elevate your cycling game with Decathlon's top-quality cycling pants

If you're looking for maximum comfort, support and protection from harsh weather, our cycling pants and overpants can do the job. Because we know Canadians ride their bikes in all kinds of weather, we have a large inventory of cycling gear. Drop by one of our stores and 

discover cycling jerseys, shorts, shoes and more, all at an affordable price.