Bikes for Men, Women & Kids

Find your perfect bike for any adventure

Looking for the perfect bike to suit your needs? Look no further! Our collection of bikes for men, women, and kids offers a wide range of options. We ensure that you can find the right bike for your perfect adventure. From mountain bikes to road bikes, gravel bikes to kids and toddler bikes, we’ve got you covered.

Conquer mountain trails with our mountain bikes

Our mountain bikes are built to handle even the toughest trails. Whether this is your first-time cross-country or you're looking to take on new challenges on the mountain, we're equipped for your needs. Find women's and men's bikes designed to fit your lifestyle and offer the

durability, stability, and control you need to conquer any terrain.


Explore new paths with our gravel bikes

Looking for a bike that can handle both on-road and off-road adventures? Our gravel bikes are designed to do just that. Light and versatile, these bikes provide a comfortable ride on both paved and unpaved roads. Whether heading down a dirt road or commuting to work, our grave

l bikes will get you there in style.


Speed ahead with our road bikes

If speed is what you're after, our road bikes won't disappoint. These bikes are built for speed and efficiency with lightweight frames, responsive handling, and superior brake control. Whether you're an enthusiastic cyclist or just looking for a fast and fun ride around the ci

ty, our men's and women's bikes won't let you down.


Start your kids on the right path

At Decathlon, we believe biking is a family activity, so we offer a range of bikes for kids and toddlers. Designed with safety and durability first, we ensure that your little ones can ride comfortably and confidently. From balance bikes to training wheels, get your little one

excited about cycling.