Cyclometers & Cadence Sensors

Cyclometers and cadence sensors are essential gadgets for cyclists looking to track their performance and improve their riding experience. Designed to provide you with advanced metrics, choose from a variety of models best suited for your needs. Whether you’re looking to track your indoor biking or outdoor journey, use a cyclometer to help you achieve your goals.

Track your progress and crush your goals

Take your cycling experience to the next level with our advanced cyclometers. You can easily monitor your performance and progress by using features like speed, distance, time, and temperature tracking. Monitor your heart rate and other metrics and adjust your fluid intake to remain hydrated, perform at your best, and maintain optimal performance.

Unlock your full potential with a bike cadence sensor

Unlock the full potential of your biking efforts and improve your cycling performance with a bike cadence sensor. Measure your pedal strokes per minute to optimize your riding technique and enhance your cycling performance. Easy to install on any bike, this is a must-have for

any cyclist enthusiasts looking to improve their speed and endurance.


Bring the outdoors indoors with a bike trainer cyclometer

Indoor workouts don’t have to be dull. In fact, with a bike trainer cyclometer, you can bring the excitement and challenge of outdoor cycling indoors. Set-up up your bike trainer, adjust the resistance, start pedalling and track your progress in real-time. Don’t let bad weathe

r prevent you from reaching your fitness goals.


Elevate your cycling experience with wireless & GPS Cyclometers

Find a cyclometer with unparalleled accuracy and convenience to track your rides and pinpoint accuracy. Designed to track your location and speed, our cyclometer allows you to sync your data with your smartphone to monitor your progress and easily analyze your performance. Its

latest technological features make it a perfect addition to your bike accessories kit.


Optimize your cycling set-up with a range of cyclometers and accessories

Decathlon offers a complete range of products for cyclist enthusiasts of all levels, including top-of-the-line cyclometers with advanced features such as GPS tracking and wireless connectivity. We provide bike locks

, trainers, water bottles and more to optimize your performance and take your riding experience to the next level.