Bike Tools

From minor wheel adjustments to major repairs, having a complete and reliable set of bike tools on hand is essential for any cyclist. Whether you get a flat on the bike path or are getting your bike ready for the season, ensure your bike tool kit comprises all the must-have tools to get you back on the road quickly.

Create a comprehensive bike repair kit

If you’re a serious cyclist, a bike repair kit is a must-have, and we offer a wide selection of standard tools. Whether you’re looking for a bike pedal wrench, bike chain wear indicator, bike spoke wrench, or other, we offer cycling equipment to tackle any bike repair job with ease, from fixing flat tires to upgrading your pedals.

Get a bike work stand built for home bike maintenance

Having a bike work stand can revolutionize your bike maintenance routine to maximize efficiency. Sturdy and adjustable, you can elevate your bicycle to your perfect working height and gain easy access to all bike wheel components. So, upgrade your setup today and say goodbye t

o awkward balancing and uncomfortable positions.


Maintain your bike’s drivetrain components

Keep your bike’s drivetrain components running smoothly with special bike tools designed to repair and maintain your drivetrain. We provide cyclist enthusiasts with bike chain tools, bike freewheel removers, bike crank extractors and more. Find what you need to keep your drive

train components in excellent condition after each ride.


Keep your bike chain clean and lubricated

Prevent premature wear and tear of your bike chains with the help of our maintenance products. We offer bike chain lubricant, bike degreaser, and bike chain cleaner spray, specifically designed to remove dirt and old grease. Extend the life of your bike chains through regular

maintenance, lubricating and cleaning.


Decathlon has the bike tools you need for success

Always be prepared for the unexpected with Decathlon’s extensive bike tools designed to fix any issues you encounter. We offer everything you need to work on your bike components with precision. If you’re still new to the cycling game, drop by our stores and get some helpful m

aintenance tips from our experts.