Beach Towels

Between the azure of the water and the brilliance of the sun, a beach towel is an oasis of comfort and an essential beach item for your next vacation by the beach. Our beach towels are perfect for our Canadian summers, rays of sun shining on the water and the golden sand. They are the link between you and the water, an island of softness in an ocean of adventure.

Soft and Quick-Drying Beach Towel Microfibre

Every thread, every mesh of the beach towel is a tribute to softness. Woven with care and love, they are a caress on the skin, a relief after a refreshing dive. They are the expression of our devotion to quality, our passion for comfort. Discover our wide range of beach towels and microfibre beach towels!

A Mosaic of Patterns

Our beach towels are designed in various colours and patterns. From cheerful stripes to exotic patterns, each towel is a work of art, a canvas of your style. They are a part of your summer story, a colourful chapter in your book of memories. Use your beach towel proudly by the

pool deck, the sandy beach, lake-side or on your next boat ride! Add some style to your surroundings with our Decathlon beach towels, available in stores and online.


Beach Towels: Time to Travel

A beach towel is more than an accessory, it's an invitation to travel. Our towels are your road companions, ready to accompany you from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific beaches. They are a constant reminder of summer, the sun, the heat and the fun.

Versatility at Your Fingertips

Our beach towels embody versatility, thanks to their different sizes. They can serve as a picnic mat, a nap blanket, an improvised sun screen, or a superhero cape for your kids. They are a textile Swiss Army knife, a multitude of opportunities at your fingertips, whether it be

for your next swim, sun bathing, or traveling.


Beach Towels for Your Days in the Sand

Each beach towel is a hymn to summer, a celebration of the sun, the sea, and the sand. We invite you to join this party, to wrap yourself in softness, to be part of the colourful mosaic of the Canadian summer with our beautiful beach towels and our sustainable products.

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