Women's Winter Jackets & Coats

Discover our wide range of women’s winter jackets made for harsh Canada winters. Our styles are available in a variety of colours, patterns and prints. With top-quality insulation and numerous practical pockets, these warm jackets are perfect for all your outdoor winter activities.

What type of coat should I wear to stay warm in winter?

With Decathlon's winter coats for women, whether they are long or short, you can continue your outdoor sports activities and enjoy the open air. We offer a wide range of warm and waterproof coats for women. All that remains is to choose!

Sport coats and jackets for the winter

For your walks, winter hikes, or simply to get to your work, the winter coat is a must-have for the Canadian cold. Plus, in terms of style and colours, you have choices. Are you more city or urban? There's something for everyone!

The best warm coats: quilted, down, and wool

Our winter coats generally incorporate an adjustable hood to protect you from the elements (freezing rain, snow, and wind). The quality of the coats and the material used have been specially chosen to keep you warm all winter. Not to mention the waterproofing of our winter coa



How to choose a women's winter coat: long or short?

To choose a winter coat for women, you first need to know what activity you are going to do. If you're looking for a running or hiking coat, the coats will be different. Our store collaborators will be able to advise you, depending on your activity!

In winter, dress warmly with Decathlon

Often, the arrival of winter is dreaded by many athletes. Indeed, it is much more difficult to motivate yourself to go out when it's cold. That's why Decathlon products have been designed to be warm. Decathlon has a vast collection of winter coats for men, women, and children.