Women's Winter Jackets

Discover our wide range of women’s winter jackets made for harsh Canada winters. Our styles are available in a variety of colours, patterns and prints. With top-quality insulation and numerous practical pockets, these warm jackets are perfect for all your outdoor winter activities.

Our Winter Women’s Jackets Are Tough Yet Stylish


Winter jackets for women should be warm. They should be comfortable. And they should be stylish. Decathlon winter jackets for women are all three, and so much more.

Other women’s winter jackets in Canada are water-repellant, insulating jackets that are up to the job, but look like a sleeping bag. In other words, they’re not stylish. When you buy a Decathlon winter coat, you know it locks in heat and is built to last without ever compromising on style.


Take a look at our jackets. You’ll notice that our winter coats for women are designed to be both flattering and insulating! They strike just the right balance between toughness and softness, like a best friend during a dark season.

Our women’s winter coats offer:

- Quality materials

- Fashionable designs that are on-trend

- Water-resistant and waterproof designs

- Superior fill power for warmth that won’t quit in cold weather

- Activities

Shop our snow jackets for women from across the categories

We offer jackets that are purpose-built for activities such as:

- Hiking

- Skiing

- Snowboarding

- Trekking

- General use