Men's UV Protection Clothing: T-Shirts, Short & Long Sleeves

Men's UV shirts are essential for all your water sports. Effective against sunlight, they protect the skin from UV rays and potential irritation from contact with the surfboard. We also offer insulating options for surfers, divers, and swimmers.

Our UV Shirts for men

Summer brings a plethora of water sports and outdoor activities. It also means hot temperatures and sunburns. To best protect your skin from the sun's reflection during water activities, explore a wide range of swimwear and UV shirts for men.

How to shop for a sun shirt?

Depending on the type of sport and activities you engage in, there are several choices of men's UV protection beach t-shirts. We offer tops and shirts designed for surfing, sailing, kayaking, and other all-purpose activities. Use our filters at the top of the page to sort resu

lts and find models suited to your needs!


Optimal UV Protection

In summer, our skin is exposed to light and absorbs vitamin D. However, it is also at higher risk, especially in water. To shield it from the sun's reflection, our men's UV protection beach t-shirts provide an ideal layer of protection while being lightweight and breathable.

Sun Protection for Surfing and Diving

In addition to offering optimal sun protection, take advantage of our UV sun protection clothing. They provide extra thermal protection for surfers, divers, or swimmers in cold water. Flexible and stretchable, they also prevent potential irritation from contact with the surfbo



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