Girls' Swimwear

With a variety of shapes, colours, and styles, our girls swimsuits are designed for every occasion to jump into the water! Decathlon offers a multitude of formats and sizes for young swimmers, whether they are beginners or experienced. Discover our wide range of children's swimwear.

Our selection of swimwear for girls

No matter the occasion, a comfortable swimsuit is essential for swimming with confidence and freedom! Our swimwear choices for girls are designed for a variety of sports practices, as well as for enjoying the fun of playing in the water. Explore our products to find the styles and colours that suit your young swimmers.

Swimsuits made for every style

From swim caps to sun protection swimwear and thermal tops, Decathlon offers an array of colours, patterns, and shapes to suit every personality! Enjoy our swimwear for girls, whether simple or colourful, to cater to each preference and swim with confidence.

Choosing the right model by Sport

As suppliers of sports equipment, we offer swimwear for girls specifically designed for water sports. If you're looking for a particular model, use our filters at the top of the page! Select your preferences for size, colour, and type of sport to find the perfect swimming suit



For a comfortable swim

Whether it's swimming lessons, fun in the pool in summer, surfing, or beach outings, our girls swimsuits adapt to every occasion! Explore our selection of girls swimwear including bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, thermal tops, and UV-resistant shirts.

 We offer a variety of swimwear to meet every need.


Decathlon: Quality gear for the whole family

With sports equipment specialized in more than 60 sports, Decathlon is proud to serve athletes of all ages in Canada! Enjoy footwear and apparel specifically designed for your favourite sports and activities. Additionally, we offer a range of competitive prices without comprom

ising durability or quality.