Babies' & Toddlers' Swimwear

Are you looking for baby swimsuits that's tailored to their needs? Prepare for their first swimming experiences with our comprehensive selection of baby bathing gear! From water-resistant diapers to hats and one- or two-piece swimsuits, find all the necessary clothing for your babies and toddlers.

Baby swimwear essentials

Are you ready to introduce your little ones to the joy of swimming ? We have the swimsuits and all the necessary accessories for babies, designed just for this occasion! Discover our selection of bathing suits and gear to discover the pleasures of water with confidence and safety in a pool or at the beach.

Selection of baby and toddler swimsuits

Decathlon's swimwear for babies and toddlers is designed to provide comfort and safety during their aquatic adventures. Made from soft, lightweight, and durable materials, they are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours to meet all needs. For your little ones a l

ittle older, discover our complete range of children's swimwear.


UV-Protective baby & toddler swimsuits at Decathlon

Decathlon's baby swimsuits and toddler swimsuits ensure optimal sun protection with our UV-protective swimwear and allows freedom of movement in the water. Our baby bathing suits also feature effective characteristics for adjusting the swimsuit securely and comfortably while r

educing irritation and friction.


Effective protection in the water

Decathlon offers a comprehensive range of swimwear and accessories to protect babies' skin. Take advantage of our hats with enhanced neck protection, anti-UV suits, and our selection of washable or disposable diapers for worry-free water play!

Decathlon: Everything the kids' need

To introduce the youngest ones to the joy of an active lifestyle, Decathlon provides a wide range of baby equipment designed for all sorts of adventures, seasons, and activities! Enjoy a vast selection of affordable, high-quality clothing and shoes

, specially designed for the needs and development of the little ones.