Men's Wetsuits

Are you looking for high-quality surfing wetsuits for men that are tailored to different water conditions? Decathlon offers a wide range of insulated wetsuits that fit different sizes and requirements of every surfer. Discover the features and benefits of each equipment to find the one that suits your needs.

Our men's surfing wetsuits

Enjoy a wide range of men's surfing wetsuits that offer the perfect balance between comfort, warmth, and flexibility. The materials used ensure great freedom of movement while protecting you from the cold. Discover our complete range of swimwear designed for all your water activities!

How to choose your wetsuit for men?

The first thing to consider when choosing a men's neoprene wetsuit is the water temperature. Our surfing and diving equipment offers four levels of insulation for warmer waters (above 20°C) to the coolest waters (between 7 and 12°C). Then choose the size and fit!

A variety of surfing and diving accessories

To ensure you have hours of fun and comfort during your activities, we offer a range of neoprene wetsuits and complementary accessories. Enjoy our selection of gloves, hoods, or insulated boots to protect every inch of your skin. Refer to the thickness of your equipment to ben

efit from optimal thermal insulation!


Innovative and high-performance solutions

Our men's wetsuits are suitable for a variety of water sports and are available in different sizes and styles to meet all your needs. Also, take advantage of their innovative features such as seamless panels to limit irritation with the board, key pockets, or our closures desi

gned to resist saltwater.


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