Men's Sport Caps & Hats

Are you looking for quality accessories for all your outdoor activities? Decathlon offers a wide range of hats and caps for men designed for all sports and outdoor activities. Whether you are looking for sufficient sun protection or optimal comfort during your workouts, we have the equipment.

Men's hats for winter and summer activities

Our men's hats and caps collection includes options for every weather condition, from waterproof caps for rainy days to wind-resistant hats for blustery days.To go out equipped, we offer men's hats and caps for various weather conditions or activities. Browse our men's hats and caps collection to find the model for you.

Our hats for men offer optimal sun protection

Decathlon has designed men's hats and caps to provide sufficient sun protection throughout your workouts and outdoor activities. Due to their breathable fabric and curved visor, they offer excellent protection against UV rays while keeping your head cool. From hiking and campi

ng to fishing, our hats and caps will keep you protected and comfortable no matter the activity.


Sports cap for men whatever your sport

Whether you're into tennis, golf, running or sailing, choose the accessories and gear specifically for your chosen activity. Each men's sports cap design is for the specific needs of outdoor sports. Enjoy breathable and durable fabrics for a comfortable workoutOr go for a wate

rproof cap for your water sports days.


Hat styles for your outdoor sports

Whether you're fishing, hunting, hiking or camping, we have the right men's hats for your needs. Go out with the right gear and enjoy your activity in any condition. Whether it's a neck protector, mosquito netting or waterproof hats, we have a model ready for every eventuality



Shop Decathlon Canada: Find the right equipment

Lightweight, durable and breathable, our hats and caps for men are sure to meet the needs of all athletes. Decathlon is proud to accompany you in all your outdoor activities with equipment that is comfortable and ready for all conditions. This summer, make the most of outdoor

activities with our accessories and gear for men.