Sports Belts: Hiking, Golf and Martial Arts

Are you looking for quality sports belts for your different sports activities? Decathlon offers a variety of everyday models and sports belts for men, women and children. Discover our belts and other accessories for that next golf, hiking or martial arts session.

Our best sports belts for women, men and children

Whether you're an avid golfer, an experienced hiker or an aspiring martial artist, our belts for children, women and men will provide the support and comfort you need during your workouts. Be sure to take advantage of our sports accessories to optimize your performance!

Our golf belts

For a successful golf session, the right equipment is essential. Our golf sport belts adjust to your size and provide all the flexibility and support you need. Our styles are available with durable stretch fabric in various sizes and colours.

Belts for hiking in the mountains

Are you looking for a belt for men and women that fits your hiking pants, capris and shorts? We have the model for you! Our hiking sport belt fits all sizes of people and outfits. Its little plus: its closure is easily unhooked, even with gloves. 

Choosing your martial arts belt

More than an accessory, the judo, karate, taekwondo or aikido belt indicates your level of mastery and learning. For each expertise level, there is a belt! Decathlon offers belts for women, men, and children adapted to your disciplines and levels. Choose your model by size (ad

ult or child) and colour!


Decathlon: the enhanced sports experience

Are you looking for specialized equipment for family sports activities ? The experts at Decathlon have the equipment you need. With products for over 60 sports, we pride ourselves on providing affordable equipment without compromising quality.

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