Men's Neck Warmers & Neck Gaiters

Get the most out of your workouts with our neck warmers for men ! Their smooth and silky texture will enhance any outfit and give you a sophisticated touch. Made from high-quality materials, each model is breathable, elastic and resistant to offer you optimal comfort during your sports activities.

Men's neck warmers for all sports

Whether you're into running, cycling, training, skiing, snowshoeing or any other winter sporting activity, our men's sports neck warmers are suitable for any situation. They allow you to stand out in style while increasing your performance.

Decathlon's innovative neck warmer design

Our design team has worked tirelessly to bring you innovative technology for our men's sports neck warmers. All our models are made using quick-drying materials with reinforced seams to ensure maximum comfort and durability. You'll definitely enjoy your sports sessions all sea

son long!


Men's neck gaiters are available in black, white or coloured

An eclectic choice for a sporty style! Our collection of men's neck gaiters is eclectic. From classic to more original models, there is something for everyone. We have selected neck warmer models that will suit all sporty styles, so you can make a bold statement and let your p

ersonality shine through.


Fleece neck warmers for winter

Neck warmers for men are the ideal accessory for winter sportsmen. Made from warm and breathable materials, they protect you from freezing temperatures while efficiently wicking away moisture. They will allow you to perform at your best while protecting you from the cold winte

r weather.


How to wear a neck warmer?

Wearing a neck warmer for men is simple. Just slip it over your head, adjust it around your neck to keep it in place, and wear it under or over your sportswear. Make sure it's securely in place to benefit from all its thermal properties. You can 

come and try them on in store and ask our staff for advice.