Men's Headbands & Sweatbands

Sports accessories are essential for any committed athlete, and men's headbands are one of them. Whether it's to keep your hair loose, soak up sweat or protect you from the cold, we have a headband for every occasion. Enjoy a wide selection of headbands and wristbands for athletes of all levels.

Our sweat bands for men

Decathlon's men's sweat bands add the finishing touch of comfort and insulation to compliment your outfit. Our options keep your hair and sweat out of your face or protect you from the cold. Discover all accessories for a variety of sports and seasons.

A solution for every sport

Whether you're a runner, tennis player or skier, Decathlon's men's headbands are as effective as they are comfortable for your performance. With different choices of styles, compositions and functions, these sweatbands adapt to your sports

 and leisure activities, winter or summer.


Men's Hairbands vs Caps and Hats

To help keep focus, a men's hairband offers the perfect solution. Our tennis and running headbands and bandanas absorb sweat while keeping your face ventilated. Also, explore our footwear and apparel options to complement your gear



Never be cold with men's Winter Headbands

Winter sports enthusiasts, we have sweat bands for men ! Designed for activities, they offer excellent protection against the cold while being comfortable, breathable and lightweight. Whether cross-country skiing or mountain biking, hiking or running, we have models for every



Decathlon: the engine of performance

Specialized in more than 60 disciplines, Decathlon creates, manufactures and distributes a variety of quality sportswear at affordable prices. Recognized worldwide for our commitment to innovation and sustainability, we are determined to make sports accessible. Enjoy specializ

ed equipment for athletes of all ages and levels.