Kids and Babies Headbands & Sweatbands

Our headbands for babies and children are as practical as they are comfortable and adaptable to various sports and seasons. They keep hair out of the face, keep them warm during outdoor activities or keep them comfortable during exercise. Enjoy our selection of headbands and wristbands for kids.

Our sweat bands for a baby or older child

Whether you're looking for headbands for your baby or an older child, enjoy accessories for all your young ones' needs. Whether it's a neck warmer, elastic band, scrunchie or training bar, Decathlon has solutions for hair and protecting youth from the cold. And above all, to guarantee them hours of fun!

Solutions for Winter sports and more

Winter sweat bands for kids are essential to keep them warm during the cold months and for all their favourite winter activities. Whether downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or playing in the snow, they are designed to cover the ears and neck and provide an extra layer of pr

otection from the wind and cold.


Find the headband you like with all our colorful choices

Headbands for babies and kids are available in various colours and options. For winter, our reversible neck warmers provide a dry surface for wet weather and change colours to suit your mood! To hold hair, we offer sweat bands for all styles

 and preferences.


Quality materials adapted to all our headbands

Our made-to-last headbands for babies and kids offer optimal comfort during all efforts and activities. To find our selection of sweat bands, use our filters and sort the options by colour, product type and sport. Discover also our sportswear and shoes to complete their equipm



The advantages of shopping Decathlon

Experts in more than 60 sports, Decathlon is proud to provide products that meet the needs of athletes of all ages and levels. With quality materials and a commitment to durability, Decathlon is your ideal destination for all your children's equipment needs at affordable price

s without compromising on our items' quality.