Kids & Babies Sports Sunglasses

Looking for kids' sport sunglasses and baby sunglasses? Decathlon offers a variety of kids' sunglasses adapted to the needs and activities of the youngest, to enjoy the great sun while protecting your kids' eyes. Enjoy a wide selection of kid's sport sunglasses for all your family outdoor moments.

Our sunglasses for youth : Boy and girls

Sunny days are often synonymous with hours of play and outdoor fun. And to make the most of the sunny weather, kids' sunglasses and baby sunglasses must be part of the game! Discover all our sports accessories, kids' and baby sunglasses, and other outdoor equipment.

Choosing toddler and baby sunglasses

Children under 2 years old are particularly sensitive to the sun, which is why they need suitable protection. Our kids' sunglasses offer a shape that covers and protects the eyes, with 100% UV protection lenses. And for the pleasure of the adults, you choose the style and colo



A model of sunglasses for every activity in Canada

From classic frames to specialized models, our sunglasses for kids and babies meet the needs of the little ones as well as the older ones. With a variety of styles and colours, you'll surely find the model that your kids will love. And for experienced adventurers, we also offe

r polarized lenses.


Protect your children's eyes outdoors

Whether it's winter or summer, UV rays are present in the sun's rays. Therefore, sunglasses must offer optimal UV protection. Our selection of sunglasses for the youngest is designed to protect their eyes from the sun and ensure hours of play without discomfort!

Decathlon: The best companion for your family outings

To turn little adventures into great memories, Decathlon is part of the game! As designers, producers, and distributors of specialized sports products for over 60 sports and activities, we are proud to equip Canadian families with accessible quality gear. For more fun,

 discover Decathlon's tips dedicated to tomorrow's athletes.