Men's Sports Shorts & Bermuda

For all of your indoor and outdoor training needs, Decathlon's men's sport shorts are the perfect ally for your active lifestyle. With a wide variety of shapes, materials, models, and functions, Decathlon provides a comprehensive selection of sports shorts for men. Enjoy our range of high-quality sports apparel!

Our athletic shorts for men

Are you a fan of outdoor sports, team sports, ball games or indoor sports? Whatever your favourite sports activity, there is a short designed for you! With airy options, with or without pockets, tight-fitting or multifunctional, enjoy sports shorts adapted to each of your activities.

What shorts are best for sports?

Are you looking for a particular model of shorts for men? Use our filters to find the type of clothing that meets your needs. Select our choices according to the type of product, the sport or sports you practice, and the size to find the right sports shorts for men.

A model for each training

Are you a golf, hiking, cycling, athletics, tennis enthusiast, or a lover of winter sports? Each sport has its particular needs and requires specialized equipment. And for snow competition enthusiasts, we also have a selection of shorts designed for winter sports!

A variety of choices in Canada

Bermuda shorts, shorts, or inner shorts, whatever the category, our models of men's sports shorts offer you the freedom of movement and ventilation required for your workouts. With different shapes, belts, and support options, each men's short is designed according to the uniq

ue needs of your practice!


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