Kids' & Babies' Socks

Are you looking for high-quality socks and sports socks for children ? Then we've got just what you need ! Each pair is designed for ultimate comfort, durability and style. Plus, your kids will enjoy having warm feet all day long.

Socks designed for children

Our kids' socks are an essential part of any child's wardrobe. Decathlon has designed socks to offer comfort and durability while adding a fun touch of style to every outfit. Made from high-quality materials, discover our range of socks perfect for outdoor adventures and school days.

Socks for boys

Our boys' socks are a treat for young adventurers in the making. With a sturdy design and made using top-quality materials, these socks will stand up to any challenge. Whether it's for everyday wear or for his favourite sporting activity, our socks are tough enough to stand up

to any challenge.


Socks for girls

Young girls will be wowed by our socks. With a variety of bright colours and stylish designs available, these socks will fit their personal style. Whether you're looking for short or long socks for your daughter, for everyday wear or for her favourite sport: you'll find someth

ing to suit her every time !


Discover our wide panel baby socks

Our baby socks are soft and comfortable, designed to offer optimal protection for their little feet. Made from high-quality materials, they are gentle on their skin and guarantee ultimate comfort. Baby's feet deserve the best, so offer them the best socks from Decathlon.

What are the warmest kids' socks and tights for the winter ?

Wool and goose-down socks are considered the warmest on the market. Kids' socks made from natural fibres such as merino wool offer exceptional thermal insulation. In contrast, goose-down socks are light and soft, keeping your children's feet warm. You can 

come and see the kid’s socks directly in one of our stores.