Women's Fleece Jackets, Sweatshirts, Pullover & Vests

Our women's fleece jackets combine elegance and performance, providing a unique style during your outdoor activities. Their lightweight, breathable material ensures optimal comfort and freedom of movement. Perfect for everyday wear or your favorite sports activity, our women's fleece jackets are suitable for any situation!

Our fleece adapted to all weather conditions

Designed to protect you from unfavourable elements like wind and rain, our women's fleece sweaters keep you warm and dry, so you can focus on your workout. Say goodbye to winter sports fears with these versatile pieces!

A wide range of women fleece, for everyone's pleasure

The sporty design of our women's fleece jackets offers an irresistible look during your workouts, with a variety of trendy colours allowing you to personalize your style. Love neutral colours like black, beige, or green?

 We have fleeces for the whole family in different colours to suit your tastes!


Performance, comfort, and style in women's fleece

The best fleece jacket depends on your needs for performance, comfort, and style. Some fleece jackets are designed for outdoor use with weather-resistant materials and a tailored fit for optimal freedom of movement. Others are designed for a more casual wear.

Thick fleeces to protect you from the cold

The warmest fleeces are made with high-quality materials such as polar fleece, goose down, and synthetic fur. Thick, lined, hooded, long-sleeved, and full-zip fleece jackets offer better protection against the cold.

Guaranteed satisfaction in Canada!

Unwavering quality guarantee! We take pride in the quality of our women's fleece jackets and offer a quality guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. Order today to experience ultimate comfort during your sports activities.