Kids, Toddler & Babies T-Shirts

To accompany sports training and everyday activities, our kids' t-shirts are just the thing! Enjoy a wide variety of sweaters, tank tops, and t-shirts for boys, girls, and babies, designed for movement and fun. Shop by sport, size, or colour to find the right clothing.

Our T-shirts for Kids and Babies

To stay equipped for any occasion, Decathlon offers a wide range of kids' t-shirts designed for all ages and favorite sports! Enjoy our t-shirts and tops for boys, girls, and babies in various sizes and colours, tailored for different sports disciplines and conditions.

T-shirts for Comfort

Our collections of shirts, polos, and kids' t-shirts are designed with breathable and durable materials to accompany them in all their activities. Available in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles, they cater to the needs and conditions of each sport for optimal comfort.

T-shirts for Girls and Boys

Do your children enjoy indoor, ball, or outdoor sports? Dance, soccer, tennis, horseback riding, or basketball – whatever their favorite disciplines, there's a suitable tank top, shirt, or polo! Enjoy a full range of sportswear for the little toddlers



How to Choose the Right Clothing?

To find the equipment that suits your child's activity and needs, use our filters at the top of the page! Select from our product categories, brands, prices, colours, and sports. You'll get tailored choices of t-shirts for babies, boys, and girls.

Decathlon: Partner in an Active Lifestyle for All Ages

No matter the preferred sports or hobbies, Decathlon outfits young and old athletes from head to toe with quality gear. Enjoy a wide selection of equipment, accessories, and sportswear designed for over 60 disciplines at affordable prices, without compromising on quality.