Men's Sports T-Shirts & Tank Tops

Are you looking for men's tops, camisoles or t-shirts suitable for your different workouts? Decathlon offers a range of men's tops and camisoles designs for your needs and favourite sports. Explore our selection of men's sportswear designed to optimize your sports performance!

Our best t-shirts, tops and camisoles for men

From long sleeve polo shirts to summer shirts, we offer many choices of men's camisoles, tops and t-shirts. Each product is designed for the sport you play and optimize your workouts. Take advantage of reliable, quality gear for all your activities!

How to choose a men's top?

Are you a fan of outdoor sports or indoor training? Depending , we offer camisoles, tops and t-shirts for men. Use our filters to find the right gear for your sport, size, fit, colour or price.

Men's t-shirts for all types of sports

Summer or winter, Decathlon has the right gear for every passion. Do you like hiking, cycling, golf or tennis? Explore our selection of t-shirts and tops specially designed for these activities. For example, we have the right equipment for your gym sessions, weight training or

other athletic practices.


Decathlon offers a solutions for everyone

Because every type of workout has its own needs, our selection of men's t-shirts and camisoles are categorized. Enjoy working out with comfortable, practical and sport-specific clothing. Whether for ventilation, resistance to cold or absorption, each top has its function! 

Decathlon Canada: a partner in performance

In a constant desire to innovate, Decathlon optimizes your sports activities by creating qualified, comfortable and durable equipment. All while offering you a competitive price range accessible to all budgets! Our sports experts design high-performance and quality products ad

apted to your reality.