Women's Sports T-Shirts & Tank Tops

Are you looking for women's t-shirts adapted to your different activities? Decathlon offers a wide range of t-shirts, camisoles and tops for active women designed for your training and sports activities! Discover our t-shirts and tops designed for all your favourite sports and leisure activities.

Our t-shirts, camisoles and tops for women

Depending on the sport and outdoor activity you are passionate about, there is a top specially designed for the occasion! Are you looking for affordable, practical and quality sportswear ? Decathlon offers tops for women and t-shirts in all shapes, sizes and colours. From our range of sportswear be equipped for any occasion.

How to find the right top for women

Are you a runner, hiker, tennis player or yoga enthusiast? For every sport, there's a women's t-shirt or camisole. We offer different ranges of women's tops depending on the need for movement, ventilation, support or comfort. Use our filters to find the perfect gear for your a



Solutions for every style

Because well-thought-out equipment is the best ally for a successful workout, Decathlon offers solutions for all your favourite sports. And our camisoles, tops and t-shirts for women are also designed to match your taste! When browsing our collection, choose cuts, colours and

sizes to find the perfect shirt.


Our women's sports shirts

For every workout, there is a dedicated outfit. Do you practice an outdoor sport? There are long-sleeve sports shirts designed for cool or rainy days. For an indoor sport or activity, opt for breathable, loose-fitting women's T-shirts to keep you cool practicing your chosen sp

ort or activity.


Decathlon: quality at your fingertips for gym workouts and more

A French brand established in many countries, Decathlon creates, produces and distributes sports equipment exclusively. With a wide range of products dedicated to the needs and conditions of each activity, we offer sportsmen and women of all levels innovative

, practical and accessible products without compromising quality!