Sports Shoes

Sports shoes for the entire family

Good footwear is essential to support the body during physical activity, both for children and adults. And for each sport, there is a shoe that fits! Take advantage of our selection of sports shoes for kids, babies, and adults, designed for a wide variety of sports and activities.

The best sports shoes in Canada

Good equipment is essential to protect and support your body during exercise, especially when it comes to supporting our feet! As the foundation of our balance and mobility, our feet deserve the best. Choose sports shoes for men

, women, or children that are suitable for keeping them in the best shape.


A solution for men, women and kids

Running shoes, basketball shoes, training shoes, tennis shoes, or badminton shoes, we offer a model for each of your outings and favorite sports activities. Depending on your preferences and the sport you practice, we have solutions to offer the best to your feet and gradually

improve your sports performance.


Choosing your athletic shoes

To meet the different needs of young and old athletes, we offer different models of sports shoes. Can't find the right shoes ? Use our filters to sort the choices ! Select our sports shoes for women, men, and children by gender, size, sport, and even colour to match your shoes

with the rest of your equipment.


Decathlon : Gym shoes for performance

Present in many countries around the world, Decathlon is proud to create, produce, and distribute affordable sports equipment to Canadian families. With equipment specialized in more than 60 sports, enjoy quality gym shoes to support your efforts and gradually improve your per