Kids' and Babies Sandals & Flip-Flops

Looking for sandals and flip-flops for kids and babies that are perfect for summer activities? You're in the right place. Decathlon offers a wide range of outdoor gear for children, from the little ones to the bigger ones! Take advantage of our selection of summer clothes and shoes designed for the needs of little adventurers.

Sandals and flip flops for youth

Find the perfect sandals and flip-flops for your kids at Decathlon. Our selection of youth footwear is designed with comfort, durability, and style in mind. From the beach to the playground, our youth sandals and flip-flops will keep your little ones comfortable and stylish all summer long. Discover our selection of sandals and flip-flops for kids.

Sandals and flip flops for boys and girls

Whether your children want to run on the sand without burning their feet or play safely in the water, our collection of kids' flip-flops has got them covered for the summer. They are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns to showcase the unique personalitie

s of your little ones.


Summer shoes adapted to the child for outdoor activities

During hot weather, kids often want to explore the world barefoot, don't they? That's why we've designed lightweight, breathable, stylish sandals that protect their feet. Suitable for hiking, water games, and any other outdoor activity, your little ones can have fun safely whi

le offering a pleasant comfort to the child .


How to choose your toddler's sandals

Are your little ones fond of playing in the water, running in the fields, or building treehouses in the forest ? Each of our flip-flops and sandals for children is designed for various activities. Choose from our selection of closed and breathable shoes to keep their feet prot

ected during warm weather.


Decathlon: For all your outdoors activities

To make the most of summer, your children deserve the best. That's why Decathlon offers a wide range of high-quality sports products for kids at affordable prices. Our products are durable, comfortable, and suitable for all their favorite activities. Choose from our selection

of sports clothing for boys, girls, and babies to prepare tomorrow's champions.