Men's Hiking Shoes & Outdoor Shoes

Whether you're a casual or experienced hiker, the right pair of men's hiking shoes can make all the difference on the trail! With a variety of styles, technologies, and features, our shoes offer optimal comfort and protection for all types of hiking trails and mountain trekking styles.

Our Men's Hiking Shoes

For optimal comfort, foot support, and protection on any terrain, enjoy a wide selection of hiking shoes for the whole family. With a varied range of sizes, colours, prices, and functions, you're sure to find the perfect fit for hours of outdoor exploration!

Models Designed for Different

Terrains Our men's hiking shoes vary depending on the type of walk, duration, and terrain you're tackling. Some models are lighter and more breathable, ideal for short hikes on flat or slightly hilly terrain. Others offer increased protection and stability for more challenging



How to Choose the Right Hiking Shoe Model?

Waterproofing, ankle support, foot mobility, lightness, flexibility or rigidity - each of our men's hiking shoes features unique materials and technologies to support you during your hike. To find the model that suits your needs, explore the features, benefits, and application

s of each pair.


Innovative Solutions for Foot Comfort and Support

All of Decathlon's men's hiking shoes are equipped with robust rubber outsoles for maximum grip on wet and slippery surfaces. Learn about the different technologies and innovations used for each model to ensure the comfort, support, and protection of your feet during hikes.

Decathlon: Your Hiking Companion

No matter the outing or occasion, good equipment is always the ally of a memorable day. Decathlon is proud to provide you with specialized, durable, and quality equipment to explore the great outdoors in comfort and safety. 

Enjoy our range of shoes for all types of activities, designed to make the most of the outdoors!