Paddle Board Fins & Spare Parts

To complete your paddle board gear or enhance your performance on the water, discover our selection of paddle board fins. These replacement parts offer different shapes, lengths, and surfaces for touring, racing, or simply for easily steering your paddle on the water. Enjoy your favourite water activity with quality equipment!

Our Paddle Board Fins

Are you looking for durable and high-performing materials for your inflatable paddle board? Paddle board fins are essential for maintaining your stability in waves and keeping your course with each paddle stroke when paddling. Enjoy our sturdy structures suited to different navigation environments, from lakes to oceans!

A Unique Water Sport

Increasingly popular, paddle boarding offers you a whole new dimension of water. Equipped with its fins, the inflatable paddle board takes you to explore rivers, lakes, and oceans with ease, comfort, and lightness! Enjoy an accessible and stimulating water sport to glide on th

e water in a whole new way.


Practical and High-Performing Paddle Board Fin Models

It's recommended to remove your fins once your tour is over. To make your life easier, all our inflatable paddle board fins are easy to install and remove. Plus, they require no tools! Enjoy reliable fins adapted to your environment. And to navigate safely,

 discover our paddle board life jackets.


Wide Range of Paddle Board Accessories

To complete your gear, we offer a wide selection of paddleboards, as well as all the necessary accessories to fully enjoy this unique experience on the water regardless of your type of paddling. Take advantage of our paddle board pumps for easy inflation of your paddleboards a

s well as our waterproof bags, leashes, wetsuits, and paddles.


Enjoy Durable and High-Performing Water Equipment

For all your water outings, Decathlon is part of the adventure! With specialized and improved equipment, designed for your favourite water sports, enjoy a complete, reliable, and high-performing gear at an affordable price. Discover

 our different wetsuits, rash guards, and UV-protective t-shirts to protect your skin in any condition.