Waterproof Clothing for Men, Women & Kids

Waterproof clothing for the whole family

Canada is known for its unpredictable and changeable weather, but with our waterproof clothing, you can face any weather with confidence. Our sportswear and footwear are made from high-quality materials that resist water and moisture while offering maximum breathability.

Our waterproof clothing for sports, fishing, or working

Our waterproof sportswear for women, men and children has been designed to provide optimal comfort while offering superior protection from the elements. Waterproof fabrics keep water out while allowing

air to circulate to wick away moisture. Ergonomically designed models offer freedom of movement.


Innovative waterproof clothing

Our waterproof sportswear for men, women, and children also comes with extra features to enhance your outdoor experience, such as convenient pockets to store your belongings, heavy-duty zippers to ensure

the perfect fit, and reflective features to increase your visibility in low-light conditions.


Our rain gear has style!

Our waterproof clothing for kids, men, and women is also available in a range of styles and colours to suit all tastes and all situations. Whether you're looking for a casual look for a hike or a

more technical look for a day on the slopes, we have what you're looking for!


How do you know if a garment is waterproof?

To determine if a garment is waterproof, check its waterproof rating. Higher-quality garments have a higher waterproof rating, which means they are more resistant to water and moisture. Make sure the garment has a breathable membrane to wick away moisture and prevent excessive