Treadmills & Rowing Machines

Work out at home with a treadmill and other cardio machines like the rowing machine, trampoline trainer, crossfit jump box and step trainer! With the hectic pace of modern life, it has become crucial to maintain optimal fitness. Treadmills and cardio machines are the ideal allies to achieve this goal.

Full range of treadmills and cardio machines

Technology at the service of your well-being. Our range of cardio fitness equipment is equipped with the latest technological advances to offer you a personalized workout and fast results. Choose your machine according to your goals. You have a choice!

Running or walking: how to choose the right treadmill?

Experience ultimate comfort and ergonomics with our selection of treadmills and cardio machines. Designed to minimize discomfort and distractions, you can fully immerse yourself in your workout. At Decathlon, we are committed to making sports accessible to all individuals.

The best cardio machines

For optimal cardiovascular fitness, treadmills, ellipticals, and rowers are the top choices. These machines provide an intense full-body workout, designed to enhance overall physical condition. With customizable settings and workout tracking capabilities, they are ideal for in

dividuals of all fitness levels.


Is a treadmill worth it for weight loss?

Yes. It doesn't have to be complicated to lose weight with our workout programs that come with our treadmills, as well as, our workouts available on our Advice website. Keep in mind that an effective home workout program for weight loss on a treadmill includes setting realisti

c and measurable goals. Begin by warming up your muscles by walking at a slow pace, on your treadmill, for a few minutes, and then gradually increase the intensity of your exercise by increasing your speed or incline. Remember to also include strength training and stretching to complement your treadmill cardio routine, and to listen to your body and adjust your workout plan as needed.


Trying a new sport: The rowing machine!

The rowing machine is a versatile and effective cardio workout equipment that targets multiple muscle groups including your arms, legs, and back simultaneously. It is a great tool for burning calories, improving cardiovascular fitness and toning muscles. Additionally, it is ea

sy to use and can be used in the comfort of your home or at the gym. Shop online or in one of our stores across Canada.