Bike Stems, Posts & Clamps

Take advantage of a wide range of bike stems, clamps, and seat posts for cyclists of all levels and preferences. Whether you enjoy city bikes, road bikes, or mountain bikes, Decathlon offers specialized and comprehensive accessories for saddles and handlebars to enhance your outdoor experience.

Our bike stems, bike clamps, and bike seat posts

Decathlon's experts offer a vast range of durable and high-quality cycling accessories. Enjoy our bike components and parts, from shorter stems to longer stems, including our mountain bike stems, bike seat clamps, and seat post clamps, as well as adjustable bike stems. Each accessory is designed to enhance your performance, stability, and above all, guarantee your comfort while cycling.

Decathlon: A wide range of stems

Easily adjust your position and improve your comfort with our range of appropriate equipment. Our bike stems are available in different angles and lengths to allow for personalized adjustment of the riding position, weight standards, and sleek designs. Lightweight and sturdy,

they adapt to a variety of bike models, sizes, and needs.


Saddle equipment for your comfort

To easily adjust your saddle and optimize your comfort, we offer different choices of clamps and bicycle seat posts. Designed for different frames, our carts, posts, and saddle clamps are easy to install and allow for precise adjustment of the height and angle of the saddle fo

r solid steering control and a better ride experience.


Your cycling kit: Handlebars, grips, and tape

To complete your bike equipment and effectively adjust your riding position, we also offer a range of handlebars, extensions, grips, bar ends, and tape. Use our filters to find the size, model, and materials that best suit your comfort or performance level. Ease of adjustment

with all your bike parts, simply get your own personnalized cycling kit and tools. 


Sports gear for everyone

Whether you are a casual or experienced cyclist, take advantage of a complete range of cycling equipment designed, manufactured, and exclusively distributed by Decathlon. With specialized equipment for athletes of all ages and levels, we are proud to offer specialized and acce

ssible accessories for everyone, without compromising on quality !