Camping Chairs & Stools

Camping furniture such as tables, carts, and hammocks are must-haves to enjoy a perfect outdoor experience. Going on a camping adventure allows you to connect with nature without sacrificing the modern comfort you’ve become accustomed to.

Discover our folding camping tables

Modern camping tables are designed to be lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to transport, providing plenty of space for cooking, dining, and group activities. Each model has a water-resistant surface for easy cleaning and a sturdy frame for long-term use. Combine with a comfy camping chair, and you’ll feel like you’re relaxing right in your backyard.

Camping carts for transport

Camping carts are equally practical for transporting kitchen camping equipment and personal belongings. Modern models are made of high-quality materials, providing optimal resistance and durability on rough terrain. Discover our camping storage boxes to better organize your th

ings while experiencing the great outdoors.


Hanging hammocks for the ultimate rest

Camping hammocks are perfect for relaxing in the forest or on the beach, thanks to their comfortable suspension. So you can lay back and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing sleep. Modern hammocks are made using quality materials for extra durability and ease of installation.

All the camping furniture you need to relax and unwind

Camping furniture is also highly versatile. It can be used for mealtimes, group activities, transporting equipment, or simply to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. Camping enthusiasts now’s the time to make your choice! Also, 

check out our wide selection of shelters and tarps, so you can enjoy a holiday all year round!


Experience an exciting outdoor adventure!

Investing in good-quality camping equipment is a wise choice for any camper, as it allows you to enjoy your outdoor stay to the fullest without sacrificing comfort and convenience. So what are you waiting for to experie

nce a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure? Drop by Decathlon and explore our vast selection of camping furniture.