Hiking Clothes

Hiking clothes for women and men

No matter the outing or occasion, suitable hiking clothes allow you to enjoy every moment in nature. Discover our hiking equipment designed to ensure your comfort throughout your hikes. With a multitude of shapes, functions, and levels of protection, Decathlon equips you from head to toe!

How to choose the right hiking clothes?

Find a variety of hiking clothes suitable for all your needs, by using our filtres at the top of the page! Sort our products according to the type of clothing (pants, fleeces, sweaters, shirts, etc.), the sport you practice, the size or even the price. You will get product sel

ections designed for you.


Discover our comprehensive range of high-quality hiking apparel

Are you looking for waterproof, insulated, or convertible hiking clothes? Enjoy a complete choice of equipment designed for walking comfort and skin protection. Discover our base layers for hiking and our selection of sweaters, jackets, and pants for hours of walking in comple

te freedom!


Gear for every season

From insulated options to waterproof materials, our hiking clothes for men and women are made to keep you ready for any circumstance! In summer, explore our range of shorts, capris, and modular pants. Take advantage of our hiking jackets

, fleece, and wool sweaters for your walks in cold weather or rain.


Decathlon: Fun outdoors

As a designer, manufacturer, and exclusive distributor of sports gear and equipment, we are proud to provide Canadian families with quality products, accessible to all! Enjoy a wide range of apparel and clothes specially designed for your outdoor sports and activities. And

 remember to check out our hiking backpacks to complete your hiking gear!