Paddle Board Pumps

Be ready to hit the water at any moment, take advantage of our selection of electric paddle board pumps and manual pumps! Available in compact, fast, or low-pressure versions, our various models of electric paddle board pumps and hand pumps cater to your needs and inflate your SUP in minutes. Find all your paddle boarding essentials at Decathlon.

Our Electric SUP Pumps

To inflate your paddle board efficiently and get on the water in no time, Decathlon offers a wide range of paddle board pumps. Discover our compact electric paddle board pumps and hand pumps with hose to kickstart your adventure! All you need to do is grab your paddle board, your paddle and enjoy the view.

Effortless Inflation with Our Versatile Paddle Board Pump Options

Depending on the terrain or facilities, you can choose from different paddle board pump options. Our electric SUP pumps allow you to inflate your board up to 15 or 20 psi, within minutes. Enjoy your inflatable paddle board

 in minutes by connecting your pump to a running motor vehicle or a 12v pump outlet for minimal effort.


Manual Pumps for Expeditions

In addition to our electric paddle board pumps, we offer various versions of hand pumps for paddle boards. Our quick double or triple action models allow you to easily inflate and deflate your paddle boards in no time, without tiring your arms! They also come with an integrate

d pressure gauge and quiet hose.


Your Dedicated Paddle Board Accessories

To complete your gear, Decathlon offers a range of accessories specifically designed for paddle boarding. Discover our paddle board life vests to explore with confidence and safety, even in rough waters. And for added comfort and stability, we also offer various ranges of padd

le board shoes. See also our paddleboard collection (equipment, SUP, accessories…).


Quality Gear for All Your Water Sports

Decathlon is an exclusive designer, manufacturer, and distributor of sporting and outdoor equipment, for over 60 sports and activities. And because we believe that sport should be accessible to all, we offer a range of competitively priced products, while using reliable, durab

le, and high-performing materials.