Sup Shoes

Are you looking for paddle board shoes to insulate and protect your feet during your outdoor water adventures ? Discover our different ranges of neoprene shoes specially designed for water sports. Explore the features and benefits of each of our SUP shoes models to find the perfect fit for your foot and plan your next water expedition!

Our Wide Range of Stand Up Paddleboarding Shoes

To enjoy your water activity at all times, you need to equip yourself accordingly ! To explore lakes, rivers, and oceans even in cool weather or colder waters, we offer many different types of water shoes and SUP shoes whether you're in the water or not. Even with a light breeze, bring out your inflatable paddle boards and equip yourself to admire the scenery in complete serenity.

Increased Grip on Your Board

Equipped with a non-slip sole, our SUP shoes offer excellent grip on your board. Maintain your stability and move comfortably even in case of moisture on your paddle. And for a "barefoot" sensation and to keep contact with your board, enjoy our neoprene sock with ultra-thin so

le ! Discover also our paddleboarding collection!


Optimal Thermal Insulation for Your Feet

In case of cool temperatures, keep your feet warm with our neoprene paddle board shoes. This technology used for paddle board wetsuits keeps the skin warm when it's in the water. Our neoprene SUP shoes are also designed with different thicknesses depending on the water tempera



Your Paddle Accessories at Hand

In addition to booties, boots, and paddle board shoes, Decathlon offers a complete range of accessories specially created for paddle boarding. Enjoy our paddle board life jackets as well as our waterproof bags, cords, UV-protective clothing, and all the replacement parts you n



Decathlon: Supplier for Outdoor Adventurers

Whether you're a fan of water sports, combat sports, or winter hobbies, Decathlon has your back ! With specialized equipment designed by our experts, we offer complete gear for over 60 sports disciplines. Discover our sports advice for your favourite sports and activities.