Surf Accessories: Wax, Leashes, Covers

Riding the waves requires the right equipment, and every surfer knows how much a quality surf accessory can make all the difference. From waxes to board covers to leashes, choosing the best surf accessory can transform your experience on the water.

Wide choice of surf accessories

When you've got the surf bug, you can practically live on fresh waves and water! As well as offering you a selection of surfboards, wetsuits, and equipment of all kinds, we also offer cutting-edge surf accessories and more to complete your gear. Discover our surf covers, bodyboard fins, waxes, surf leashes, and other accessories designed for your comfort.

Complete accessories for all levels

Whether you're an expert or a beginner, take advantage of our surfing equipment to get ready from head to toe, prepare your bodyboard, or even get your car ready to transport your equipment! From roof rack covers and self-locking straps to carrying cases, you'll find everythin

g you need to prepare for memorable sessions in the water.


Bodyboard equipment: Surf wax to protect your delicate skin

If you're a horizontal surfing enthusiast, you can also take advantage of all our surf accessories dedicated to your favourite sport! Prime your bodyboards with our range of surfboard waxes. Protect your hands, elbows, and stomach from friction with our protective, water-tempe

rature-adapted formulas. Find your perfect surfboard!


Discover a range of surf accessories: Surf and bodyboard leashes

To glide along in comfort and to be sure your board is close by in the event of a fall, we offer a range of leashes for bodyboard and for surfing to suit your style. You can also take advantage of our ponchos, surf towels

, and our waterproof bag to change comfortably and carry your wetsuits.


Decathlon: Your partner for fun in the waves

To get the most out of all your aquatic outings, Decathlon is on board! With specialized equipment for all your favourite water sports, we're proud to provide all Canadians with the equipment of their choice. Enjoy a range of great prices without compromising on quality or dur